Maya Angelou

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Angela Mooney, MBA

Career Biography

Early Career

I decided to take a leap into the startup world as an independent consultant working with a multitude of amazing small marketing agencies. I became well-versed in the world of knowledge work around 2011 and the incredible possibilities to connect remotely. I quickly became armed with amazing skills that led to my decision to acquire my MBA. I had experience in several roles for a number of companies including a business developer, team manager, marketer, and project manager. I enjoyed building teams and engaged in customer success program management. After working independently for a few years, I became well acquainted with Zirtual as one of their first 20 contracted relationship managers. Here I managed 15-25 accounts in the early days reducing churn with amazing tech startups that were bootstrapping their workforce including 10up, Uber, Zappos, Lyft, HeroX, Lonely Planet, ExchangeMyPhone, Abundance360 Summit, and many others.

Recent Years

At Zirtual I was contracted to three of companies owned by Peter Diamandis, XPRIZE founder and decided to take on a full contract at HeroX. I engaged in the Crowdsourcing industry at HeroX for 4 years where I led the revision of the internal RFP process for NASA Tournament Labs increasing our revenue by over $800,000 in 9 months. This lead to my focus on implementing customer success processes centered around government clients leading to additional won RFP submissions for the National Renewable Energy Lab, Booz Allen, the New York State Department of Health the Veterans Administration and others. Furthermore, I focused on providing amazing experiences building a new webinar process leading to closing the first Crowdsourcing Origin Prize with $5,000,000 in prize sponsorship and an incoming lead that ended up being the Boeing GoFly challenge with a prize worth $2,000,000

Now - To Be Continued

I continue my journey as a life long learner, educator and tech startup enthusiast focused on CX  leadership with over 12 years behind me. In this past year I engaged in projects where I coached executives on their internal system and process design, implementing new CRM and marketing systems and securing event sponsorship with AWS, Google and IBM.  


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